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Can you use Salve CBD ointment for children

Can Salve CBD ointment be used in children?

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The sensitive and delicate skin of children requires products that are as safe as possible for them. More than once you ask us if CBD Salve, which is our bestselling hemp ointment with CBD, you can also use for your kids. The answer is one – 100% yes!

CBD Salve – a natural ointment for special tasks

The composition of our CBD Salve hemp ointment is 100% natural! All ingredients come from proven crops and locations, and none of them are of synthetic origin. What does this mean? That in CBD ointment you will find nature itself and only the best of nature!

Only 10 ingredients, because we believe that it’s not quantity, but quality that counts. Hemp seed oil, cocoa nut butter, shea butter, coconut oil, hemp seed oil with a full spectrum of phytonutrients, beeswax, grapeseed oil, rosemary extract and vitamin E and vanilla oil.

Each of these ingredients has its own properties, which we combined in the form of a beautifully green CBD ointment. And it is hemp and hemp oil that is the main ingredient in our ointment, and it is thanks to it that it owes its unique color.

What is unique about hemp ointment?

You may be wondering why you should reach for this particular CBD ointment? Real and certified hemp extract with CBD at a concentration as high as 1%! Do you know how hemp oil works on your skin?

  • Helps it maintain a proper level of hydration,
  • provides it with a healthy appearance,
  • it can be used on sensitive skin,
  • is suitable for allergy sufferers.

The ointment, thanks to its active ingredients, can soothe, for example, sunburn or other irritations. It is not a comedogenic ingredient, that is, it does not clog skin pores.
Hemp oil is our secret ingredient that could not be missing from our skin care products!

Skin is our largest organ, take the best care of it. And when it comes to our children’s skin, we need to pay special attention to what we use. It’s important that it’s safe and natural! And this is the case with our CBD ointment.

Why is CBD ointment safe for children?

We have children ourselves and we want to give them only the best. And we have successfully used CBD ointment with them! But no one has to take our word for it that it’s safe.

That’s why we conducted a study to be sure that CBD Salve is safe and can be used freely and without fear on even skin as sensitive and delicate as children’s skin.

The result? Dermatological and microbiological tests showed that our ointment is completely safe for use on people who have sensitive skin, prone to allergies. But also for children! The product has been declared safe.

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