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Stay young longer – CBD and its anti-aging qualities

Stay young longer - CBD and its anti-aging qualities

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Who is not dreaming of staying young and looking fabulous longer? Although we are not able to stop nature and sooner or later aging of the skin will begin its relentless process in each of us, we are able to significantly delay it. No no, we do not mean some witchcraft potions right out of the hag’s hut. Today, we want to convince you, and it is not at all true, because on the basis of scientific research that the use of CBD is able to delay the aging process. How is this possible? Keep youth for longer – CBD and its anti-aging features from today will no longer be a secret.

What cause the aging of the skin?

Aging of the skin is a natural process that occurs in our body, which consists in reducing the biological activity of our cells. Regeneration processes are slowing down and we lose so-called adaptability of our system. Of course, there are many reasons for faster or slower changes, but today we must especially highlight those for which we have real influence. As it turns out, not only adequate supplementation, but also a change in lifestyle, to which we have been strongly encouraging you since the beginning of our activity, are able to protect you from premature aging.

Factors influencing skin aging. 

Three types of factors determine the aging of the skin. Genetic – which we usually have no influence on. External – against which we can easily be saved with little effort and internal – on which today we will focus. An example of external factors that have real impact is UV radiation, smoking, lack of proper beauty care or unhealthy diet – as mentioned above, working out good and healthy habits will be the basis for maintaining a healthy and beautiful appearance, but remember that it is just one part, we still have internal factors and we will focus on them in today’s article.

Internal factors affecting the aging of the skin.

This type of factors is directly related to the state of general health of our body. They include, for example, abnormalities in the functioning of hormones and what is most important to us today – deficiencies of vitamins and microelements that directly contribute to the development of so-called free radicals. This takes a heavy toll on our skin condition and our physical health.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals arise in our body both through the influence of external factors and by the lack of an right level of vitamins in our body. The bad effect of free radicals lies in the destruction of proteins in the cell membrane of the skin, the destruction of lipids and enzymes. This leads to damage to naturally occurring collagen and elastin, and this has a direct effect on the appearance of our skin. Our secret weapon to fight free radicals is therefore the elimination of external factors. This may be, for example, to quit smoking or avoid direct exposure to the sun. But there is something else … antioxidants that our CBD is so rich in.

Skin aging and antioxidants.

Antioxidants are nothing else but protective and regenerative support for our skin. They are completely opposite to free radicals and are the number one enemy for them. They stand in total opposition and are one of the most important elements on which we should focus. It is accepted that the best and most effective antioxidants that Mother Nature has to offer us are vitamin C and E. Of course, we do not deny their wonderful and beneficial activities, but we must make you aware that there is something much better and more effective. CBD, which is one of the main cannabis in hemp, subjected to detailed scientific research, knocked down both C and E vitamins from the pedestal, leaving them far behind in terms of antioxidant power!

Read -> CBD is a better antioxidant than vitamin C and E.

Aging of the skin versus CBD supplementation.

According to U.S. Government Patent cannabis is a kind of “sweepers” of free radicals from our body. We should use them regularly as part of the prevention and during the treatment of various diseases. CBD is not enough to satisfy your body with proper vitamins, it will act preventively, nourish and relieve any inflammation, it will take care of your appearance and long years surrounded by beautiful, tense and fresh-looking skin. Well – we can’t disagree with it. For years, we have appreciated the beneficial properties of CBD supplementation, the more so that in addition to anti-aging effects, it brings a number of other health benefits.

How to provide the body with antioxidants? 

You must be aware that the popular antioxidants delivered along with plants, vegetables and fruits in the era of today’s urbanization and environmental pollution are either of little value or completely ineffective. It is already very difficult to find good quality plants, devoid of pesticides and artificial fertilizers in our stores. Unfortunately, the trend is growing all the time, we are sure that it will soon be impossible. Today, we offer you a completely natural, organic and unmodified solution that we have been creating with love for a long time. CBD is a kannabioid that constantly surprises us and at the same time develops even greater passion in us. We are constantly looking forward to further scientific research in order to be able to share with you subsequent discoveries and facts about the CBD.

Skin aging and CBD supplementation in practice. 

How should CBD be used to prevent aging and at the same time strengthen the body naturally? All you need to do is apply one drop of our oil every day three times a day. At the beginning, take it under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds (this is very important, because it is the mucous membranes that valuable components are absorbed the fastest), then swallow the rest. It’s all ? Fast, simple and pleasant … how valuable! We guarantee that you will be gratefull in a short time and you will feel the effects quickly. However, remember – regularity is the key to success, you can not skip the dose if you want to enjoy the results of supplementation.

Who knows, maybe soon instead of syringes with botox in aesthetic medicine will be prescribed a bottle of CBD oil for supplementation? ?

We wish you that with all our hearts!

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