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Hemp ointment with CBD for tattoo

Hemp ointment for tattoo with CBD

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Do you have a tattoo or are you planning to have one? And are you wondering what proper tattoo care should look like? How to take care of a tattoo so that it looks beautiful for years to come should be known to anyone who decides to get one. There are tattoo ointments and creams on the market, with different compositions and properties. And did you know that it can also be hemp ointment for tattoo with CBD?
Find out why it’s worth it!

How to take care of a tattoo?

How to take care of tattooed skin is simple – just like untattooed skin! Tattooed skin requires moisturizing creams and UV filters to keep the tattoo looking good for years to come. When we don’t moisturize the skin, the ink between its layers can smudge and spill, and the tattoo itself will look unsightly. Also important is that first layer of the epidermis, which, when dry, peels and turns gray.

It is also important to take care not to expose the skin to excessive sunlight. They accelerate the aging of the skin! And wrinkled and lacking elasticity, dry skin is also an unsightly looking tattoo!

These treatments apply to an already healed tattoo. If the tattoo has just been created on our skin, the first thing to do is to follow the recommendations of the artist who created it. He is the one who knows how the tattooing was received by our skin, how the healing of the tattoo usually looks like for the products and tools he used. Usually the recommendations are to keep the skin clean and use tattoo creams that are neutralizing, but also not too greasy.

Hemp ointment for tattoo with CBD

How to choose a good tattoo cream to moisturize and nurture the skin? We always go for nature! Natural ingredients are great for human skin. For example, those contained in our Salve CBD Ointment! CBD Ointment contains hemp oil and hemp extract with a full spectrum of phytonutrients. The active ingredients in CBD ointment make:

  • great for moisturizing the skin,
  • is suitable for sensitive skin,
  • suitable for irritated skin,
  • is great for soothing the epidermis,
  • it can be used even on children, it is safe,

and thanks to its active ingredients, it penetrates deep into the skin and helps keep it healthy.
Hemp oil is one of the best oils to use on the skin. This is because it contains omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 acids, as well as plenty of vitamins. It is excellent for skin health and is safe for many allergy sufferers.

Tattoo ointment with CBD will make the skin moisturized and shiny, making the tattoo itself look good. In addition, such natural care does not introduce unnecessary chemicals into our body! Properly protected skin is a tattoo that will look beautiful for years.

Tattoo cream with CBD

If you’re not a fan of herbal scents and want to take care of your skin a little differently, but are still interested in the CBD content of the cosmetic formulation, you’ll be interested in our body mousses. You can find hemp body mousses in our store in two variants: oil and yogurt. Both in their composition have hemp extract with cannabinoids, hemp oil and a wealth of natural butters and other oils. Such tattoo cream will also do a great job in the daily care of the healed work on our skin.
By the way, you can also use these cosmetics on your entire body, without the need for multiple cosmetics at the same time! All you need is this one CBD body mousse, both for tattoo care and whole body care!

olejowy mus konopny do ciała jogurtowy mus do ciała z CBD

The natural oil and yogurt mousses contain certified CBD hemp extract in their formulation.

What ointment for a tattoo?

We opt for such a cosmetic that is natural in composition, containing primarily certified ingredients, real full spectrum hemp extract (and not, for example, isolate alone or even synthetic CBD!). Our cosmetics that are suitable for tattoo care are also zero waste products, in glass jars. They do not generate unnecessary trash!
Care of tattooed skin is extremely important if you want your tattoo to look good. Well taken care of skin is essential. Which tattoo cream you choose is up to you: CBD Salve, yogurt mousse or oil mousse?

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