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CBG as way of regaining good mood

CBG - a way to regain a good mood

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Regardless of our age, social status or gender, we are united by one inseparable characteristic that is not measured by any modern factor – health. It is this that determines the quality and length of our lives – health, which cannot be bought with any money, is the key to achieving full happiness. Let’s note – it is health that we most often wish for during birthdays, holidays or other important occasions. We are aware of how great a value it represents, but the demanding times of haste and determination mean that, unfortunately, we often forget about it. We chase money, pleasures, work over dimension, bury ourselves in responsibilities. At the same time, we often lose ourselves in it enough to stop focusing on it properly – and then problems arise.

In creating our small community related to hemp products, we want to point out and emphasize very strongly from the very beginning that the key to success is not to act when health problems arise, but much sooner. This, among other reasons, is why we so strongly encourage you to take care of yourself no matter what life situation you are in. In order not to lose the value of our health, we try to give you both knowledge and ways. And additionally support you mentally and psychologically in this. All this to emphasize that our common human trait once lost is very hard to regain.

Mental support in illness

However, if it turns out that it’s too late for prevention – don’t worry. HempKing is a place that was created to help you, show you the way, support you mentally and be with you even in the worst moments. We are people… for people and what we create, we always do with you in mind. We realize how important mental support is when illness strikes. It is the state of our psyche that determines the recovery process. It is another invaluable force that can help you win. However, we know that the news of an illness, especially cancer, is incredibly difficult. We realize that it’s hard to think positively in such moments, but that’s what we’re for – we want to give you strength and show you that it can be okay despite everything.

An important and noteworthy piece of information is the presence of more than 80 unique cannabinoids in cannabis, with all their individual effects and benefits.

Cannabigerol – General Characteristics:

  • CBG – naturally occurring cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) in hemp is a kind of precursor to other well-known cannabinoids, such as THCA, or CBGA.
    the active chemical compound found in cannabis,
  • an active substance that has no psychoactive or intoxicating properties.

Positive properties and benefits of CBG (cannabigerol):

  • improves mood,
  • satisfies the body’s need for healthy fats,
  • can prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in the body,
  • is a valuable support for the eyes – will work well for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen,
  • has an excellent effect on the skin, restoring its healthy and fresh appearance,
    supports the body’s natural immunity,
  • helps to eliminate stress and achieve a state of relaxation – even after an extremely hard day.
  • olej cbd 5%

CBG 5% Green oil is a product that contains 500mg of CBG, plus other cannabinoids.

Properties of CBG (cannabigerol)

Anyone who has ever struggled with an illness – not necessarily cancer – knows fully well how important the right attitude is. The will to fight allows you to deal more effectively with treatment, doctor visits or therapy. Support from loved ones, a healthy and hygienic lifestyle or proper nutrition are all essential. They improve the overall well-being and condition of the body. Supplementation is also worth considering. CBG, which has many positive properties, will work perfectly. Among other things, it improves mood, restores positive energy and motivation for action, and lowers stress levels. Believing that you will win against the disease, that you will recover, is certainly important every day until you find that you have been victorious.

Cannabidiol and cannabigerol – the most effective phytocannabinoid

Many people believe that CBG is the second most effective active ingredient in cannabis after CBD.

It is because of all these positive properties that we decided to focus specifically on CBG in our business. CBG oil improves mood and restores hope in winning the fight against disease. Once again, we want to emphasize to you that we live in very challenging times. On the one hand, new options, treatments are emerging and there is an increasing emphasis on the search for natural, healthy alternatives. On the other hand… we are exposed to more and more factors that cause the loss of our body’s well-being. So, we ask and encourage you to take care of yourself every day. To introduce into your life healthy, good habits that will protect you not only from disease, but above all allow you to live a happy life. Remember – there is nothing more precious than health and a smile. And if it ever happens otherwise, be aware that we are with you and are always there to help you.

Ps. Did you know that optimists live, on average, 9 years longer? 🙂


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