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KSW champion Borys Mankowski Advises How to live a healthy life

How to live a healthy life? Advises KSW champion Borys Mańkowski

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Borys Mańkowski, KSW champion, recently won another fight in Zagreb, at the 51st Confrontation of Martial Arts gala. We decided to ask him about what his day is like and asked him for some healthy living tips, or how to live a healthy life. As it turns out, they are very simple!

What does a champion’s day look like before a fight?

– Very similar every time, after weigh-in I rehydrate, eat mostly carbohydrates and calm down. I go to bed relatively early, and take a dose of CBD,” reveals Boris. A healthy night’s sleep gives him as much energy as possible to fight in the morning.


Boris Mańkowski most often goes for Natural Plus CBD Oil 10% – 10ml.

What are your healthy habits that you can share with us?

– Right after waking up, breathing exercises, a few postures taken from yoga, a cold shower and only a healthy breakfast! Drinking hot tea before each meal (about 20min), just to prepare the stomach for digestion. I’ve also gotten into the habit of taking a few drops of the aforementioned CBD and a good amount of magnesium for sleep,” says the KSW champion.
Seems simple right? Just where to get the motivation to do all this. What to do to make yourself want to, even when you don’t want to? Even the best happen to have less enthusiasm. However, Borys Mankowski has his own way to deal with it!
– I don’t always want to go to the gym, especially when I’m devastated after previous training sessions. But I am motivated by the fact that so many people are counting on me,” he said.
He also mentioned that this support from his loved ones is of great importance to him. We have to agree with that! Wanting to make someone happy with your success is a huge motivator. Even more so if we want to achieve something ourselves. All we have to do is to put on a routine and not give up! In addition, if we share our plans and goals with someone, or even just say them out loud, the motivation will be even greater.

How to lose weight, Borys knows best… He does it professionally!

KSW champion, preparing for the 51st KSW gala, had to lose a few pounds. Previously, he had participated in fights in a higher weight category, but now it was different.
– I had to go down to 73 kg, next time I will have to lose two more kilograms,” confirmed the fighter.
And what is the champion’s way to lose weight? Not overeating!
– The problem among most of us is that we generally eat more than we need, and you can see it later, at the first better walk around town. Look around – how many people around us are overweight?
If we want to lose a few pounds, a healthy diet should help us do so. It is important not to overeat, but just create a calorie deficit. That is, eat less, but don’t starve yourself! In addition, exercise and the results should soon be visible.
Also, don’t be suggested by weight – a better way to determine whether a combination of healthy diet and movement is working is to observe your body. If the scale is stagnant (or rising!), it’s worth measuring yourself. If all is well, we should be losing centimeters at the waist.

Master’s golden advice, for all who want to live healthily

– Eat as little processed food as possible, as simple as possible, and don’t overeat! Limit meat. Once a day is definitely enough. And move all hams, sausages and such products far away from you!

CBD in the life of a KSW champion

CBD in the life of a champion seems irreplaceable. Such support is useful for anyone involved in sports – professionally or as a hobby.

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