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Reasons of why CBD Oil Isn't Working

Why CBD Oil isn't working – reasons

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Find out why CBD isn’t working!

You’re supplementing with CBD oil and waiting for that wow effect. You don’t skip any doses, patience is your second name, you know that sometimes you need to wait a bit before feeling a change. And… nothing.
Nothing is happening; you still feel the same, nothing has changed. And you’re sure it’s a high-quality oil! Many people praise it, talk about its effects, write that it works. But nothing groundbreaking has happened for you.

Here are some possible reasons why CBD isn’t working.

1. Improper preparation for supplementation

CBD oils are not a magical substance that works wonders on its own. It’s worth preparing adequately for supplementation, taking care of all possible aspects that can contribute to the proper functioning of the body. And arm yourself with patience. Some people feel the effects of supplementation after the first dose and can immediately determine the right amount for themselves. But not everyone is so lucky. Most of us have to go through a trial and error phase before feeling that the supplement has adequately complemented their diet.

2. Parasites, fungi, and toxins

If you haven’t tried deworming before, never cared about the state of your intestines, and ate products of questionable origin, unwanted guests may reside in your body. Yes, we’re talking about parasites, fungi, and toxins.
It’s worth getting tested for the presence of worms, fungal infections, and applying a safe detox. A body prepared in this way will be able to absorb doses of hemp oil. A healthy body is the key to supplementation!
Pumpkin seeds and green tea should become your friends.

3. Under acidified stomach

Have you heard about acidifying the stomach? Please don’t confuse this with an acidified body (which is not necessarily a good thing).
Our stomach contains acid that aids in proper digestion. Adequate acid levels are essential, but only in the stomach! If, however, it is not sufficiently acidic, the food will not be well-digested, and we will experience unpleasant effects.
This is an additional burden on the body, which can also contribute to the fact that CBD oil does not absorb as it should and does not support our diet as expected. Or more precisely – as we expect it to.
When acidifying the stomach, remember about proper hydration! Before taking this step, make sure that this problem really applies to you.

4. Inappropriate diet

Even CBD won’t help if, on the other hand, you are harming yourself. Large amounts of unhealthy, processed food, excess sugar, and many artificial additives? A poorly nourished body will not be able to absorb phytonutrients from hemp well. Take care of a good, balanced diet, and remember that supplements will never replace it. We are what we eat – literally!

5. Unhealthy lifestyle

Little movement, a sedentary lifestyle, substance use… All of this weakens the body, and no supplements, even hemp ones, can help your diet. Lack of movement can cause more problems than a lack of supplementation.
Remember that supplements will never replace a healthy lifestyle. And no one expects you to turn from a couch potato into a regular gym-goer with a healthy lunch in hand, overnight. But try step by step to change bad habits into good ones, and you’ll see how quickly you’ll feel better.

Why and how does CBD Oil work?

By taking small steps, you can change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. And when combined with hemp supplements, it creates a new force within you, and you may experience a real hemp revolution in the quality of your life! Why?
A well-nourished body, to which we provide, among other things, phytonutrients and omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 acids found in hemp oil, will thank you by maintaining the right level of immunity.

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