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who is worth following - Influencers in service of cannabis

Influencers in service of cannabis - who is worth following?

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Hemp is gaining popularity around the world. This includes various industries, but also mass culture and media. It’s no surprise, then, that more and more bloggers and influencers are popping up on the Internet with a lot of attention paid to hemp topics. Some have surfaced on the so-called wave of hemp’s popularity, while others are long-time activists, educators and specialists on various hemp issues. Who is worth watching among them? We have prepared a subjective list of the most interesting Polish and foreign hemp influencers worth watching.

The most interesting hemp influencers from Poland

The Polish hemp market is growing rapidly, although it is quite young. Its heyday came after 2016, but most hemp influencers have emerged in the last 2-3 years. Below is a list of the most interesting ones – connected with the hemp industry for many years, presenting high quality factual content and interesting, unique views on the topic of hemp from their own perspective.

Konopna Doktorka (The Hemp Doctor)

Samia Al-Hameri @konopnadoktorka

This is a profile covering the topic of hemp medicine in a slightly broader perspective. Its author, Samia Al- Hameri, is a pharmacist by training who conducts workshops, training and conferences on hemp medicine. She was the author of the first Polish training schedule dedicated to doctors and pharmacists after the introduction of medical hemp to Poland. She is also a hemp medicine expert, working with hemp-treated patients on a daily basis. Samia founded her foundation, Santa Herba, whose mission is substantive education in the hemp sector. She is a true expert on the subject of hemp, which is evident from her communications. As a nature lover, she promotes a holistic approach to health as a synergy of classical medicine, phytotherapy and mental practice. On her profile, in addition to extensive coverage of her work and daily life, you can find interesting facts about hemp and health.

Smiling Spoon

Małgorzata Szakuła @smiling_spoon

Hemp and culinary meet on this profile. Author of the Smiling Spoon blog and the Hemp in the Kitchen culinary project, Małgorzata Szakuła is a promoter of healthy cuisine, passionate about phytotherapy and all things natural. In 2015, she published the first publication in Poland dedicated to hemp culinary with the title “Hemp in the Kitchen”, a few years later, in 2020 – the book “Hemp and Cannabis in the Kitchen” by the trade publishing house Santa Herba. As part of her educational project “Hemp in the Kitchen,” she conducts workshops, webinars, courses, lectures on cooking, healthy diet and hemp. On her profile you can find recipes for dishes involving hemp, recipes for extracts from the plant, interesting facts about the effects of hemp on the human body and inspiration for a more natural life every day.

Adi Lewandowski

Adrian Lewandowski @adi.lewandowski

He’s a medical cannabis patient who has decided to fight the stigmatization of marijuana consumers in Poland. His profiles are breaking records of popularity, especially on the Tik Tok platform. In his communications, he covers a variety of educational topics about how cannabis works, the situation of medical cannabis patients in Poland, cannabis law, or interesting facts about cannabis from mass culture. Adi is also involved in promoting the widespread use of hemp in the industry. In his recordings he usually appears dressed in hemp clothing, and often talks about the unique properties of hemp fabrics.

Stoner Chef

Anita and Piotr Kuzniewicz

This is a couple that presents interesting lifestyle content combined with hemp education. Anita and Piotr are a married couple living permanently in Spain. They both have a degree in psychology, are passionate about hemp, culinary, and have even published a book called “Hemp Cooking”. On their profile, in addition to posts about the couple’s life, you can find many interesting facts about hemp and learn a lot about the effects of hemp on the human body or how to become a medical marijuana patient. The recipes and interesting facts about the plant published there are sure to please recreational cannabis users. In addition to the profile, which is quite popular, the authors also run their Stoner Chef website dedicated to hemp education.

The most interesting hemp influencers from the world

The hemp market is developing somewhat differently in different countries. Certainly one of the best developed is the one in the US, where quite a few states have legalized the use and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes. As the market grows, more and more influencers are emerging. We have selected a few interesting people from overseas and beyond who are worth watching.

Steve Deangelo


US based hemp enthusiast and activist who has been fighting for legalization at the federal level for many years. He describes himself as the father of the legal hemp sector in the US. Steve was one of the first people to legally sell marijuana at his dispensary in California when that state legalized cannabis for recreational use. He owns a chain of dispensaries in the US. On his profile, he shares his knowledge of cannabis from the perspective of a user and an entrepreneur.

The Mommy Jane


She’s a medical cannabis patient from the US who talks about being a regular cannabis user from her mom’s perspective. Her adventure with medical cannabis began when pharmacological methods of treating her illness failed. Medical marijuana improved her health and well-being. The author shares interesting information about cannabis in a light-hearted, sometimes humorous format. Her mission is to fight the stigmatization of cannabis consumers, especially the stereotype of the “stoned mommy.”

Lizzy Jeff


The incredibly inspiring Lizzy is a rapper, speaker and entrepreneur. Her profile is dedicated to the topics of self-development and the healing power of marijuana. She emphasizes the intangible, intangible quality of marijuana that helps us be our best selves.

Her personal mission as founder of the Zen & Kush brand, is to promote cannabis not only as a form of therapy for the body, but more importantly as a therapy for the soul. On her profile you can find a lot of interesting facts in the area of esotericism and mental-spiritual development.

Mr Canucks grow


Finally, something for home-growing enthusiasts. Mr. Canucks’ channels are breaking records in popularity (more than 2 million users on YouTube) – he is a leading influencer publishing content on cannabis cultivation. His channel on Instagram is full of photos and videos of stately cannabis inflorescences from Matt’s cultivation with Mr. Canucks Grow. His weekly educational videos and useful growing tips provide his followers with much-needed information on how to achieve their own desired crop.

Sous Weed


A channel run by professional chef Monica Lo – who is passionate about the use of cannabis extracts in cooking. The author presents unconventional recipes and publishes appetizing photos. She has 2 cookbooks to her credit (“Edibles” and “Weed gummies”), which were recognized by High Times magazine.

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